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I got a little caught up on HP Beholder today. This is a Fic/Art exchange created to let characters who some less-than-discerning people think are unappealing get some action (!) I haven't looked at quite everything yet, but here are some of the pieces that I've particularly liked so far:


La Petite Mort (Fat Friar/Bloody Baron, NC-17) A glorious, totally NOT SAFE for work gift for me! The ghosts look amazing in their translucent period clobber, and their facial expressions just kill me. It's the perfect blend of elegance and earthiness, which is particularly cool given that the poor characters are long dead.

Light show (Alecto Carrow/Aurora Sinistra, R, dub-con) This one's weirdly mesmerising to me - Alecto's menacing bulk, Sinistra's peculiarly exaggerated limbs, their intense, ugly faces. The whole arrangement's just surreal.

Graveyard Fun (Greyback/Lupin, NC-17, dub-con) As the artist says, this one's probably only fun for Fenrir! I love his enormous belly, his claws and his hungry expression. Poor Remus D:


Birthday Girl (Rosmerta/Various, NC-17) This story skips through the decades of birthday girl Rosmerta's life as various men drop by the Three Broomsticks. It's got some immensely funny and often moving lines, and overall the mood to me is one of lovely, lonely poignance.

By the Numbers (Minerva McGonagall/Rufus Scrimgeour, PG-13) "She'd never been an exuberant girl and she had no intention of changing herself to suit anyone else." And why the hell should she? This is an unsettling examination of the long history of a fucked up but very real relationship. I loved Minerva's independence in this and sincerely wanted to kick some Scrimgeour arse.

A Lesson In Wandlore (Snape/Ollivander, NC-17) Severus gets a new wand and something even better: an education. This pairing weaves really neatly with both canon and characterisation as we know it, and the story and its hopeful ending just plain work.

Underneath The North Star And The Sycamores (Eileen Prince/Tobias Snape, NC-17) I love this look at an endearing, clumsy courtship before everything goes grim. I can really see these two characters producing the Severus Snape we know.

Quite Some Time Since (Augusta Longbottom/Pomona Sprout, PG-13) Neville's formidable grandma goes on the run from Death Eaters and takes refuge at Professor Sprout's place. We learn that they've a long history between them and that Augusta's got a surprising vulnerability under the vulture hat.

All the Ways We See (Severus Snape/Rabastan Lestrange, PG-13) I've never given much thought to Rabastan at all, but his character is fleshed out here in a way that is very intriguing: he's dreamy and a bit dim, but he's got his own sort of perceptiveness. The evocative, sensuous mood is broken a little too abruptly for my comfort, and a slightly more expanded story would have been very welcome.

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Hi there! I really enjoyed your 'Sword of Slytherin' fic for the HP_Beholder exchange - would you mind if I added you to my friends list?

PurpleFluffyCat x

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Yes, please feel free - although I should warn you I'm a hopelessly sporadic updater!


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