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[ profile] yuletide writer, I haven't a clue if my comment to you posted or not, so I am c/p'ing here just in case: Thank you so much! I love how you wove one of my longtime loves with another so deftly, and in a way that makes beautiful, thought-provoking sense. The cosy, casual sympathy amongst this group of story addicts makes the undercurrent of restless longing all the more delicious - like a writer stretching out of her stays! I love the image Wilhelm creates of the quilt man frozen in death with his maker, and the fascinated revulsion and empathy his tale inspires in his listeners, particularly the absorbed Jacob. The way you describe how these storytelling brothers communicate without a word is perfect. I hope you had a wonderful time dreaming this up!

For the rest of you, please visit Fireside, a lovely piece of Brothers Grimm what-iffery in which a well-known tale is stitched together.

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That really is a wonderful fic. Merry Christmas!
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And a peaceful, leftover-filled Boxing Day to you!

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We have our Christmas Meal on Boxing Day any way, so we'll be having tonnes of left overs on The Day After Boxing Day.