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[ profile] frivol sent me a link to this Today Show snippet in which the Doug Anthony All Stars actually share a couch without killing each other while they promote their new unlimited uncollectible sterling deluxe edition dvd.
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Holy crap! HI BOYS! (I love the way they picked, y'know, the most artfully innocuous DAAS clip they could find. Also the pause after, "So, would you get back together?")
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The body language throughout is so completely weird. I like it best around 2.10 when Tim rubs Richard's back and then Richard strokes Paul's thigh. Why did their three way marriage have to happen pre-internets??

The TODAY Show. idk.
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Wow. That was weird. But you know, in the end Dean and Jerry still loved each other.
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I should've nominated them for Yuletide or something. Except it would be too sad and weird. Like that whole clip.

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And did they say that they'd all managed to procreate? Perhaps I imagined that.
I noticed, too, how Richard was sitting forward, perched like some sort of Pyramis and Thisbe-type wall between Tim and Paul.

Still, at least the two interviewers knew to/of whom they spoke.