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Okay, I've posted my dutifully brainstormed fandom maybes to the [ profile] yuletide post, but here they are too:


After School Nightmare: The whole bizarre dream situation is endlessly intriguing to me, and I love both Mashiro/Sou and Sou/Ai.

Ai no Kusabi: Thanks to the release of the novels in English, I'm...more confused than ever.

+Anima: Cooro/Husky/Senri/Nana OT4! Feathers and fur and fins=YAY

Animal X: Mpreg and dinosaurs. It's all good.

Black Blood Brothers: Jirou/Alice/Cassandra - the whole reincarnation thing just makes everything better.

Bukiyou na Silent: Because Touno and Tamiya are the sweetest pair of high school dorks ever.

Cafe Kichijouji de: Minagawa's the dark overlord of the cafe. All should bow before him (and his cat).

The Day of Revolution: I love intersexed Kei and his adoring cohorts. The Princess Princess and Family Complex connections would be wonderful too.

Flower of Life: My favourite Fumi Yoshinaga manga. Harutaro/Shota make me \o/

Gakuen Heaven: The whole thing's just one big absurd gang bang, but I'd rather like to see the somewhat obscure Matsuoka/Yoshizumi.

Hands Off!: Tatsuki/Kotarou/Yuuto with a fixed ending, because wow did that last volume make no sense to me.

Here is Greenwood: I love it all, but something set within the canonical AUs (particularly Devilwood and Cherrywood) would be particularly spiffy.

Junjou Romantica: Romantica>Egoist>Terrorist...but I love them all.

Kizuna: I never get sick of these guys, and I definitely want more about Ranmaru's mysterious dad.

Koisuru Boukun (The Tyrant Falls in Love): This couple is demented, and becoming more so with every volume. The sillier they behave, the better I like it, but some resolution would be nice too.

Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki: As much as I adore Kusatta, I think it's actually the next gen Ren-ai Houteishiki that would reel me in.

Love is like a Hurricane: My affection for this silly series is boundless. Brothers Akira and Izumi are particularly adorable.

Monochrome Factor: Although the anime screams Shirogane/Akira (which is all good!) I'm rather intrigued by the blind Master too.

Night Head Genesis: Because Naoto and Naoya are anime's answer to Dean and Sam.

Okane ga Nai: Kanou and Ayase are just so absurd I can't resist them. The twins aren't bad either.

Silver Diamond: It'll only take Tokyopop the next century to bring out the rest. In the meantime: TENTACLE PORN.

Special A: I get the impression the manga's heading in an annoying direction, but in my own special Hakusen Academy Jun and Megumi keep Ryuu as their most beloved pet and Akira lives in Yahiro's dungeon. No, really.

The Twelve Kingdoms: Gyousou/Taiki set me all a-quiver, now and forevermore.

Vassalord: I love Charley the unhappy clapping vampire cyborg and all his daddy issues.

The Wallflower: Seriously, they've got a whole mansion to themselves. Can be orgy tiem?

Whistle!: A Tatsuya/Shou/Shige soccer sandoicchi.

Ze: *Anything* would be welcome, even Ryuusei and Moriya.


Arthur Ransome - Swallow and Amazons: People always seem to write these thoughtful WWII futurefics, and of course I just daydream about the smut possibilities (like Black Jake/Bill non-con OMG!)

Christine Feehan - Carpathian series: I can't even *read* them anymore, but somehow I want it regardless.

David Eddings - Belgariad/Mallorean: Any canon exploration would be good. I always have these weird little daydreams about the Garion/Ce'Nedra wedding night.

Diana Wynne Jones - Eight Days of Luke: Because it's awesome and David/Luke makes me shimmy.

Elizabeth Goudge - The Little White Horse: I love Moonacre and everyone in it.

Enid Blyton - The Magic Faraway Tree: It'd be great to have a grown-up Jo, Bessie and Fanny visit the tree after a long absence.

Enid Blyton - Malory Towers: Bill/Clarissa rule, but the rest of the girls are wonderful too.

Enid Blyton - The Naughtiest Girl: I've always wanted to read Elizabeth/Julian courtship fic.

Enid Blyton - St Clare's: The school's a sapphic wonderland. I wouldn't even know where to start.

Frances Hodgson Burnett - The Lost Prince: I don't know whether I'd rather have Marco/The Rat or Stefan/Lazarus. How about both?

Francine Pascal - Sweet Valley High: The period around #12-14, between Tricia's death, Elizabeth's kidnapping and Nicholas's creepy obsession (worse than Carl's!) was my favourite, but I heart Bruce Patman too.

George MacDonald - The Princess and the Goblin: Because Irene and Curdie make me go n'awww.

Georgette Heyer - The Foundling: If a way can be found to get Gideon and Gilly together without belittling Gilly's love for Harriet, then I want to know about it!

JR Ward - Black Dagger Brotherhood: The last two books have befuddled me completely. What's needed is some Butch/Vishous and Qhinn/Blay fixer-uppery.

Laura London - The Windflower: Because Cat deserves a book of his own.

Liz Berry - Easy Connections series: The first book warped me forever at a very impressionable age. Some full-on Dev/Cathy/Chris would be amazing.

Liz Berry - The China Garden: I just want to know what happens next! I want next gen!

Mary Shelley - Frankenstein: More about Walton's on-board relationship with Victor. Mmm.

Meredith Ann Pierce - Darkangel series: ((((Aerial))))

Nalini Singh - Psy/Changeling series: Any closer canonical glimpse.


Asterix: Seriously, Asterix/Obelix slash. It needs to exist.

Tintin: Mmm, Tintin/Chang hurt/comfort with pining yeti.

The Phantom: My brain just goes to all sorts of wicked places (Phantom/Rex? Phantom/Guran? Phantom/Devil?)


Alive: Someone's already written me one, but I want more more more! Where's my Nando/Canessa?

Class: Skip/Jonathan/Ellen? Would that be so wrong?

Cloverfield: I...really don't know what I want. I just know I want it!

The Core: Surely the popularity of TDK would've garnered this Aaron Eckhart movie a few fans. No?

Cursed: Jimmy/Bo make me smile.

D.A.R.Y.L.: I want Daryl/Turtle! I want aging, degrading Daryl!

Flight of the Navigator: What I'd really like is to see what would've happened if the reset didn't happen.

Godzilla: I just want to see the big guy paired up in a totally believable way with someone, anyone. Ghidorah hatesex maybe?

King Kong (1933): See, maybe Ann and Kong could've made it work.

King Kong (2005): Hayes/Jimmy hurt/comforty back story

My Bodyguard: Clifford/Linderman OTP.

Phantasm: Specifically Reggie/Mike in the first sequel.

The Slipper and the Rose: The Prince and John live HEA.


Beauty and the Beast: I almost feel ready for this fandom again.

Coffee Prince: Dear god, anything. Every character is adorable.

North and South: I can't be the only one imagining John and Margaret's wedding night.

RH Plus: Such an appallingly unwatchable show, but so much slashy potential


RPF-The Brothers Grimm: I still yearn for historical Grimmcest.

RPF-Hans Christian Andersen: Oo, some HCA/Edvard Collin would be gorgeous. Lots of pining.

[ profile] panisdead, I asked after A Companion to Wolves at Borders today, and they couldn't even find it on their computer!

Date: 2008-09-29 12:53 pm (UTC)
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Minotaur had it amongst their new arrivals, so it is safe in my mitts! Now the trick will be to put the book down and study for my kanji test instead...


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