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Apparently I haven't updated in 18 weeks.



Okay, I got nothing. Except deep and abiding thank yous to culprits such as [ profile] _audrey, [ profile] angstslashhope, [ profile] cista, [ profile] claudia603, [ profile] eyebrowofdoom, [ profile] frivol and [ profile] sharpest_rose for all their happy birthday wishes and cards and loot!

In other awesome news, a star by the name of [ profile] ghostangel has been inspired to draw a glorious piece of Grindelwald/Dumbledore fanart (NOT safe for work!) based on my Smutmas fic Suppliance of a Minute. GO LOOK. THERE BE TENDRIL PORN.

I've recently returned from my first non-fandom-related holiday in ten years. I hardly knew what to do with myself and now I...hardly know what to do with myself. This befuddlement has led to restless wanderings around that new archive what is not open for business yet and compulsive peeking at its coding issues. Because I am just that weird. Akismet spam-catching mechanism? WHAT. Tag wrangling interface has too much power?? NOOOO. Set up Tarantula testing??? AHHHHHHH. It reminds me of this appalling Lance Henriksen movie that [ profile] uthiel and I subjected ourselves to whilst bored on holiday, in which Lance and his Elephant Man brother (?) set up an arachno-incest-tryst cum organ-harvest-nonsense-cult somewhere in the cobwebby wilds of SexistRacistland. Okay, not really, but that archive what is not open for business yet should totally have some In the Spider's Web slash regardless and I am just the person to write it never ever watching that dvd again.
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I have my ways.
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YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS but I was in a cafe today thinking, wow, that waiter looks a lot like Richard Armitage and the friend with whom I was having lunch leaned over and said, 'Phwaor! Doesn't he look like Richard Armitage?'


My life is providing additional squee on your behalf.
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I love that the planet is filled with sekrit Richard fangirls. He just makes everything better.
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[ profile] frivol is now hanging over my shoulder saying, "WHICH CAFE."
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Now she is clapping randomly and saying, "SPOOKS."

It's a slow afternoon.

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Whaddya mean, "your" Smutmas fic? That's MY Smutmas fic and I'll thank you not to forget it. &hearts

And, omigod! Such gorgeous art to go with my fantastic Smutmas present! Christmas came early this year!
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FANART. So exciting! This is a whole new thing for me. I came over all verklempt, but in a totally good way.